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Investor Portal

MontmARTre.TV is amplifying the creativity of the Mouvement MontmARTre worldwide

Montmartre.TV is a for-profit media company dedicated to promoting and expanding the reach of the Mouvement MontmARTre, a non-profit network of artists, workshops, galleries, performance venues, and organizations in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris.

Our company offers a unique and innovative approach to showcasing the vibrant artistic scene of Montmartre, through our multimedia content in video, photo, and XR media. We are at the forefront of utilizing new technologies, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, to make art more accessible and engaging to a wider audience.

In collaboration with the Mouvement MontmARTre, we offer a complete artistic experience that combines visual arts, literature, music, theater, dance, and multimedia interaction. Our aim is to create a laboratory for contemporary modernity by highlighting both the historical and contemporary artistic heritage of Montmartre.

Through our street art walks and hybrid cabarets that mix creative expression with popular education and multimedia interaction, we strive to encourage artistic encounters and foster a sense of community and shared experience.

Our mission is to make art accessible to all and to awaken the creative spirit in each person. By investing in Montmartre.TV, you will be supporting our efforts to promote the rich artistic culture of Montmartre and to bring innovative, technology-driven art experiences to a wider audience.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss further investment opportunities and thank you for considering Montmartre.TV. Please feel free to contact us with the button below.

The MontmARTreX Equity Crowd Funding Exchange platform will offer MontmARTre.TV shares and will also serve as a central point for local investment in other young artistic startups from the Montmartre community and the broader artistic community of Paris.

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